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Bacillus and Bioaugmentation: The Future of Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Updated: Jan 4

At FLUSHTIME, we have revolutionized the treatment of wastewater with Bacillus and Bioaugmentation.

Our extensive research and development have led us to the groundbreaking discovery that bioaugmentation is the ultimate solution for wastewater treatment.

Bioaugmentation involves the scientifically selected addition of organisms to a microbial community to enhance its performance. It is the go-to method for biological wastewater treatment when using Bacillus products.

Bioaugmentation products are crucial because not all bacteria species and strains are created equal. They are used when a specific aspect of an environment needs biological improvement.

For example, when eliminating foul odors or digesting wastewater sludge, bioaugmentation is the way to achieve exceptional results. By introducing specific strains that are superior to others, the entire population becomes incredibly efficient.

In wastewater treatment, existing bacterial communities may be good at breaking down some substrates, but the addition of Bacillus significantly increases their ability to break down compounds with enzymes. This process enables the entire community to digest more efficiently.

Bacillus has been proven to significantly reduce fats, oils, grease (FOG), sludge, odors, carbon oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, suspended solids, the likelihood of system upsets, and more. Our bioaugmentation techniques using Bacillus are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results in waste water treatment applications such as, but not limited to, Septic Tanks.


FLUSHTIME is a Nano-Tech based septic tank treatment capable of dealing with clogged pipes, backed up septic systems and the resulting bad odors.

Over 50 Billion natural beneficial bacteria are packed into a single capsule which when deployed into the septic system will rapidly multiply by digesting fats, grease, oils, organic matter and toilet paper restoring your septic field to optimal condition.

FLUSHTIME is available for sale at Amazon and Walmart.

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