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Rid-X vs Green Gobbler: Septic Tank Treatment Showdown!

Ah, the joys of homeownership. Lush flowerbeds, cozy fireplaces, and... the endless battle against plumbing gremlins. One particularly sticky foe? Clogged septic tanks. That's where septic tank treatments like Rid-X and Green Gobbler come in, promising to restore peace and plumbing prowess to your household. But which one reigns supreme? Let's dive into the depths of this septic showdown!


Both Rid-X and Green Gobbler septic tank treatments boast armies of helpful bacteria, ready to devour grease, sludge, and organic waste in your septic tank. But their secret weapons differ:

  • Rid-X: This veteran relies on natural, slow-acting bacteria that gradually colonize your tank, establishing a long-term digestive army. Think marathon runners, steadily munching away.

  • Green Gobbler: This upstart utilizes live, enzyme-boosted bacteria for a faster, more targeted attack. Imagine sprinting ninjas, tackling specific clog-makers head-on.

Lets look into some other attributes that will help determine which brand stands out in the Rid-X vs Green Gobbler septic tank treatment duel!

Round 1: Effectiveness:

  • Rid-X: Shines for long-term maintenance, preventing clogs before they form. Regular use keeps your digestive crew happy and your pipes flowing smoothly.

  • Green Gobbler: Tackles existing clogs with gusto, potentially clearing up minor blockages quicker than Rid-X. But its effect may not be as long-lasting.

Round 2: Ease of Use:

  • Rid-X: Comes in convenient powder and granular forms, easy to sprinkle directly into your toilet bowl. However, its slow-acting nature requires consistent use for long-term benefits.

  • Green Gobbler: Offers both powder and pre-measured pods, making it even more user-friendly. But those pods might not be the most budget-friendly option.

Round 3: Price:

  • Rid-X: Generally falls on the more affordable side, especially with larger bulk purchases.

  • Green Gobbler: Can be slightly pricier, particularly for the individual pods. However, its quick-acting formula might be worth the extra few bucks for emergencies.

Round 4: Environmental Impact:

  • Both: Both brands claim to be biodegradable and safe for the environment. However, always verify specific ingredients and disposal instructions before pouring anything down the drain.

The Verdict:

Ultimately, the winner of this septic showdown depends on your individual needs. If you're looking for a long-term preventative measure, Rid-X might be your champion. For a quick clog-taming strike force, Green Gobbler could be your knight in shining armor. Whichever you choose, remember regular maintenance is key to a happy and healthy septic tank.

Bonus Round: Consider consulting a plumbing professional for personalized advice on your specific septic system and needs. They can help you choose the right treatment and guide you on proper maintenance practices.

So there you have it, folks! Rid-X and Green Gobbler, vying for supremacy in the murky depths of your septic tank. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently choose the champion for your plumbing peace of mind. Just remember, prevention is always the best policy, so treat your septic tank right and it will treat you right back!

THE new & BETTER ALTERNATIVE septic additive

While Rid-X and Green Gobbler duke it out, a new challenger approaches – FLUSHTIME. This innovative brand harnesses the power of nanotechnology to pack a mighty punch in a tiny capsule. But how does it stack up against our established champions?

Nano-Tech Revolution:

FLUSHTIME uses nano-sized enzymes for targeted and efficient waste breakdown. Think microscopic ninjas infiltrating clog strongholds, dissolving grease and solids with laser-like precision. This innovative approach boasts several advantages:

  • Faster Results: FLUSHTIME claims to unclog tanks and restore flow quicker than its rivals, potentially offering immediate relief in emergency situations.

  • Long-Term Benefits: Despite its speedy action, FLUSHTIME also promotes ongoing bacterial growth, providing long-term clog prevention like Rid-X.

  • Ease of Use: Like Green Gobbler, FLUSHTIME comes in pre-measured capsules for simple drop-and-flush convenience. No mess, no fuss, just powerful nano-powered digestion.

Round 5: The Eco-Warriors Join the Fray:

Both FLUSHTIME and Rid-X prioritize environmental friendliness, using natural and biodegradable ingredients. Green Gobbler, while effective, might contain harsher chemicals in some formulations, so always check individual product details.


So, should you crown FLUSHTIME the new septic tank champion? It certainly offers a compelling combination of speedy action, long-term benefits, and eco-conscious ingredients. However, its nano-tech approach is relatively new, and its price point might be slightly higher than Rid-X. Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities and budget. The following video might help you decide:

The Power of Choice:

Whether you choose Rid-XGreen Gobbler, or the nano-powered newcomer FLUSHTIME, remember, consistent maintenance is key to a healthy and happy septic tank. Listen to your pipes, research various brands, and consult a plumber if needed.

With the right treatment and some TLC, your septic system will keep your home flowing smoothly and leave you free to tackle other domestic conquests. Now go forth, champions, and conquer those clogs!


FLUSHTIME is a Nano-Tech based septic tank treatment capable of dealing with clogged pipes, backed up septic systems and the resulting bad odors.

Over 50 Billion natural beneficial bacteria are packed into a single capsule which when deployed into the septic system will rapidly multiply by digesting fats, grease, oils, organic matter and toilet paper restoring your septic field to optimal condition.

FLUSHTIME is available for sale at Amazon and Walmart. 

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