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  • 🌿 Keep your septic system healthy with our monthly dissolving capsules, designed to break down waste and maintain optimal function. This simple solution prevents costly backups and repairs—just flush one capsule down your toilet each month!
  • 🌿 Our packets contain billions of carefully selected beneficial bacteria cultures, scientifically chosen to activate enzymes that reduce solids and decompose various types of waste in your septic tank and leach field.
  • 🌿 Made in the USA; our flushable treatment capsules are safe for all plumbing systems, black water systems, cesspools, and both aerobic and anaerobic septic systems.
  • 🌿 Not only do our packets eliminate odors, but they're also perfect for RVs and boats. Their concentrated formula aids in controlling and eliminating bad smells, making them a great choice for marine holding tanks and camper toilets.
  • 🌿 Investing in our septic tank treatments prevents clogs and bulky buildup, ultimately preventing costly backups and repairs. The billions of bacteria in each capsule digest solid waste, converting it to liquid and reducing the need for frequent pumping.

FLUSHTIME Septic Tank Treatment | 24 Month Supply


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