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Coronavirus vs Septic Tank

Updated: Jan 5

coronavirus vs septic tank

Coronavirus vs septic tank... what's at play?

It's no secret that our lives and habits have changed due to the current pandemic but how does this affect our septic system?

The latest iteration of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has us all living in isolation at our households using more types and quantities of disinfectants than ever before.

According to well regarded authorities at the WHO and EPA, Coronaviruses “are one of the easiest types of viruses to kill with the appropriate disinfectant product” which is why everyone has rushed out to get their hands on whichever soap, disinfectant, wipes and general cleaning products they can get their hands on.

The stereotypical family of four with one adult at work, the other mostly at home and the kids at school, typically has 2.6 people on average at home per 24 hours.

Thanks to the quarantining this figure has easily gone up to 3.8 equating to a 46% stress increase on your septic tank considering the additional waste generated by simply spending more time at home.

Now consider the additional use of disinfectants brought on by the fear of a virus which could be hiding in plain sight... these disinfectants can be in ready to use and in concentrated formats and generally contain strong chemicals which not only kill the virus but also good bacteria required for your septic tank to work properly. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions in each product and get the right mix.

The combination of extra stress and less bacteria is the perfect formula for septic doom!

If you wish to avoid septic doom please be cautious with what goes down the drain and make it a habit of treating your septic tank to a monthly dose of good bacteria to assist in processing all the extra waste and keep your septic system healthy.

Your septic system will be thankful if you implement proper waste management to ensure only biodegradable waste goes down the drains and toilets and that everything else is disposed of in the trash properly segmented into recyclable and non recyclables.

If you have further questions concerning septic tanks please make sure you visit our Frequently Asked Questions post.

FLUSH TIME is a Nano-Tech based septic tank treatment capable of dealing with clogged pipes, backed up septic systems and the resulting bad odors.

Over 50 Billion natural beneficial bacteria are packed into a single capsule which when deployed into the septic system will rapidly multiply by digesting fats, grease, oils, organic matter and toilet paper restoring your septic field to optimal condition.

FLUSH TIME is available for sale at Amazon.

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